BRING Recyling has been a valuable force in Lane County since 1971, encouraging recycling and helping our community reduce waste and consumption of natural resources. A primary focus these days is on community education and certification as “Rethink” or Green Biz.

10 years ago First Congregational Church worked hard to get the church BRING certified as a “Green” church under the leadership of Terri Brown. That designation was in need of renewal, and this spring we re-started the process.

First, the Green Team, church staff, and members of the Facilities Committee completed a very comprehensive checklist. We reported on varied issues: the kind of paper we were using, the type of light bulbs, cleaning products, how we recycled. We reported on the kinds of appliances we have, the way we maintain our hot water heaters, and so much more. The checklist, just by itself, was educational. Here is a link for those who would like to explore.

After completion of the checklist, BRING staff spent two hours touring the church. In early September we received a report indicating seven things we need to change or make a plan to change in order to be granted certification. All these are very achievable and we hope to be able to celebrate our “Green Church” status by Christmas. Stay tuned!