Our FCC Family Life Outreach & Advocacy Team would like to hear your voice! We are a committee of the church that works to support and advocate for Children’s, Youth & Family Ministries at FCC.

We have spearheaded the Tend the Flock initiatives, worked on curriculum for Sunday school and youth groups, and spent our time envisioning the way forward for our ministries together. This is also a setting where we are able to check in and provide support not only to one another, but in the areas we identify in our congregation and community, where the power of love is needed.

It is a true blessing to be a part of the FLOAT team, extending our loving embrace to our entire community. Meetings are held on Zoom, the first Wednesday of each month. We take the summer months off for a break. We would love to see you and welcome you to the team, please contact Mark Lindberg at markl@fcceugene.org or Gretchen Jewett at gretchenj@fcceugene.org to let us know you are interested!