Greetings from Dan Close, Moderator of the FCC Church Board.

It has been a little over two weeks since the Annual Meeting where the new church board members plus board Moderator and Vice Moderator were elected by a vote of the church members present at the meeting or on Zoom. The newly elected board members are: Valerie Hazen, Joan Rawlings-Boyd, Mary Otten, Jean Stover and Vic Mann. I was elected as Moderator and Polly Shannon as Vice-Moderator. Steve Carmichael, the recent Moderator, and Tim Bloch continue their terms on the board. The new Moderator and Vice-Moderator, and the new and continuing board members, represent a blend of fresh ideas and energy, with past experience and knowledge of church history and operations. All share a great passion to serve in a leadership role at First Congregational Church.

On Sunday, June 26th, we conducted a new board member and new staff orientation at the church. This orientation was designed to provide knowledge about the history, organizational structure, and current challenges facing First Congregational Church and the United Church of Christ. We also engaged in activities to get to know each other and to build collaborative relationships between new board and new staff members.

Finally, I welcome you all to attend church board meetings. Our meetings are open to all. Meeting times are posted in the Sunday announcements page insert in the worship bulletin and via the daily all church email.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan Close, Church Moderator