According to the bylaws of First Congregational Church, our nine-member Church Board “shall have ultimate responsibility, after the Congregation, for leadership of the Church.” The moderator (Steve Carmichael) and vice-moderator (Elly Vandegrift), in collaboration with the Board and Senior Pastor, help set the agenda for the Board and the Congregation. The Board will hold a retreat in September designed to give focus to the year’s agenda. At the top of the agenda is our ongoing search for a FCC Designated Term Associate Minister who will succeed Pastors Janet Scott and Melanie Oommen.

Based on the good work done by the Church Discernment Committee, the Search Committee for the Designated Term Associate Minister crafted a 39-page Local Church Profile and Position Posting that has earned universal praise for its description of our Congregation and vision of the Pastor position we seek. The Profile and Position posting can be found HERE. We anticipate hiring an outstanding Associate Minister by the end of the year.

The Board is in consensus that we seek to cultivate and grow a truly multigenerational congregation, one rooted in principles of progressive Christianity. Toward this end, we seek to better support our Senior Pastor, strengthen our worship services, nurture our Christian education programs, take the steps needed to enrich the spiritual lives of our youth, and fortify existing programs and create new ones designed to achieve the aspirations of social justice set forth in our vision statement and elements of progressive Christianity. The Board is eager to hear from congregants about their hopes and dreams for the Church.

FCC Board: Steve Carmichael (Moderator), Ely Vandegrif (Vice-Moderator), Tim Bloch, Todd Chapman, Brent Arnold, Shari Hetzke, Dan Close, David Frank, Polly Shannon