August was a busy month for FCC and the Board. Despite the weather challenges of heat and smoke, we continued to have good attendance in both our “in person and online services”. It is gratifying that so many people feel inspired with our worship services.

The 2023 edition of the All Church Survey was active for three weeks. The survey concluded on August 27 with 136 people completing all or parts of the questions asked. In contrast to the 2022 edition, which sought to “take the temperature of FCC”, this year we were interested in “how FCC can be the best church possible?”. I have taken a cursory look at the results and am pleased with the richness of details provided to the qualitative questions, especially those on the future of the church; ways to reinvigorate the Children and Families ministry; and suggestions for engaging people who have not returned to active involvement in FCC. The quantitative questions revealed broad satisfaction with our outreach efforts to the community; the quality of the worship services; the Board’s efforts at transparency in the financial life of the church; and the work of the Transition Team. The question on pastoral care indicated overwhelming support for a volunteer ministry to augment the work of the pastoral staff. The question on advocacy for the rights of Indigenous Peoples showed broad support. In combination with the Healing Sessions, these survey results provide many suggestions, opinions and ideas to assist with the planning for our future, especially as it relates to the hiring of a settled pastor over the next year or so.

The Board approved the creation of a steering group for Children and Family Ministries that will advise, support and provide creative energy for this ministry. We also approved the creation of a working group to revise our bylaws to bring them closer to the values associated with the United Church of Christ. This working group will also work with Pastor JT to reform the manner in which we evaluate our staff. Finally, we agreed to schedule another Budget Conversation in October to discuss the construction of the 2024 FCC Budget.

Thanks to all of you who completed the All Church Survey and participated in one of the Healing Sessions coordinated by the Transition Team.

We are all in this together.
Dan Close, FCC Board Moderator