March was another month of positive energy and involvement at FCC. The March church board meeting was focused on three big initiatives that are part of our plan for the future of the church. These three initiatives are the revision of the church bylaws, the writing and editing of the Local Church Profile that will be used in the search for the Settled Pastor, and the creation of an ad hoc group to organize the Nominating Team that will propose a slate of new board members, the moderator and moderator-elect for approval at the June 9 Congregational Meeting.

The proposed revisions of the FCC bylaws were presented by board member Laurie Swanson-Gribskov. Board members provided feedback on the proposed revisions and Laurie facilitated a process of incorporating the suggestions into potential language for the bylaws.

Search Committee Chair Tracy Lampman and Vice-Chair Barb Aalund met with the church board to discuss draft material related to the section in historical information in the Local Church Profile. The Search Team has been busy drafting materials and asked the board to provide crucial feedback on the growth and development of the church following the leaving of our two pastors in 2022. We also discussed a process for providing critical review and editing of the overall Local Church Profile document.

The FCC Board has created a pilot process to revise how the church nominates board members, including the church board moderator and moderator-elect. To facilitate this process, an ad hoc group of current board members Georgia Quick and Joan Rawlings-Boyd, current board moderator Dan Close, and past board moderator Jenny Allen has been formed to organize a Nominating Committee. This group solicited suggestions for membership on the Nominating Committee through April 1. Once the suggestions were obtained, the ad hoc group began preparing to interview prospective candidates and form the Nominating Committee, who will then solicit names for the various board positions being elected for the 2024/2025 FCC Church Board. The Nominating Committee will propose the slate of candidates for approval to the congregation during the June 9 Congregational Meeting.

Blessings to you all and thank you for making FCC such a special community of people who are committed to following Jesus on the path of love, justice and kindness.
Dan Close, FCC Board Moderator