When will we meet in person? Every month the board wrestles with the question: “WHEN can we open the church for worship and meetings again?” COVID-19 infections declined in Lane County last month, but now we have again shifted to “extreme risk” with a new uptick in cases. The board is proceeding with plans to conduct outdoor worship services this summer, however, with constantly shifting guidelines from all levels of government, plans must be tentative. We ask for your patience and prayers as the board tries to be responsive to changing circumstances and everyone’s desire to worship and meet together again.

Pallet Shelters: The three shelters in the parking lot are fully occupied, with each housing a single family. Recent hot weather has presented a challenge: the non-insulated shelters on a paved parking lot, with no shade, makes them extremely hot. This could be especially difficult for two of the women currently residing in the shelters, who are pregnant. Jonathan is working with the county to relocate the shelters to a shaded property in the Eugene-Springfield area sometime in June.

Internship: After completing their first year of seminary studies at Yale Divinity College, Averyn Payne will be coming back to Eugene this summer to start a pastoral internship with our church beginning May 24. They will assist Jonathan with pastoral duties. It will be great to have Averyn here before they return to seminary studies in the fall.

Finances: Our financial position continues to be very good. Income is strong (thank you everyone) while expenses are lower due to the closure of our facilities and lower staff costs with only one full-time Minister. We are asking all committees to consider special needs and delayed maintenance items that can now be met.

Associate Pastor Serving a Designated Term: “Associate Pastor serving a designated term” – that’s the name our search committee is using for the position we will be filling soon. The congregation has been asked for feedback about the search process and the feedback has been positive and helpful. It is hoped that interviews for the position will occur in June. The search committee has done a great job.

Election: Three positions to serve on the church board are open for the coming church year. Applications are currently being received and are all due at the church office by June 1st. Voting for the new board members will be conducted by email and postal mail. At its May board meeting, the board will nominate a Moderator and Vice Moderator from among existing board members for the coming church year. These leadership nominations will also be included in the ballot for congregational confirmation. Voting results will be announced at the June Congregational meeting which will be held via Zoom. If you are interested in becoming a board member or want to encourage someone, the application forms are available from the church office.

All Church Camp: The board has reserved August 27-29 for an all-church camp at Camp Adams. The staff at Camp Adams has a very detailed plan to provide for a safe experience. We have to wait to see if it’s possible to meet, but please put the date on your calendars and let’s see what happens. You will be notified when it is time to officially sign up.

Congregational Meeting: Please also put June 27 at 2 p.m. on your calendar for a Zoom meeting where we can virtually see and talk with each other.