April certainly was a month of watching many of our ideas and plans come to fruition. We continue to experience FCC becoming the vibrant, energized, and spiritually grounded church that people expressed hope for during our transition period. The Board has been in the middle of each and every one of these plans. We now get to watch the congregation participate in these many ministries. Four initiatives that represent the board’s efforts to stimulate and support the revitalization, energy and excitement taking place at FCC are described below.

Search for the Settled Pastor and the production of the Church Profile

The Search Team (with leadership of Tracy Lampman and Barb Aalund) has been hard at work reviewing documents, interviewing church members, and consulting with UCC leaders in the hopes of creating a Church Profile that honestly and authentically represents the complexity and challenges facing FCC. The document is a spirit-filled discussion of our church and seeks to attract a pastor to walk with us on our faith journey. The Profile will be posted with the UCC at the start of May. Please pray for all of those involved in this process.

Bylaws Revision

The bylaws revision group, which includes Laurie Swanson Gribskov, Mary Brooner, Mary Otten, and Dean Kokjer, have completed their work. Thanks to each of you for your suggestions and edits to this document. The Board approved the changes during the April 15 board meeting. The revised bylaws are now open for review and will be voted on by the congregation at the Congregational Church meeting on Sunday, June 9 after worship.

Board Nominating Committee

The Board approved a Nominating Committee at the April 15 meeting. The members are Jenny Allen, Chair; Nancy Menning, Lee Kersh, Robin Detmer, and Andrea Harwood. Recommendations for Moderator, Moderator-Elect and Board Members are now open. Please prayerfully consider whether you are called to serve in this important role within FCC. Visit the FCC website to make a recommendation or send an email to the Nominating Committee by May 10.

Need for a Financial Review or Audit for FCC

The Church Board is organizing a small group to decide the best path forward for making sure our financial records and internal controls are an accurate representation of our overall financial condition. This group, which will include Larry Flick, FCC Treasurer; John Soper, FCC Finance Committee Chair; Kim Dorr, Financial Administrator; Bonnie Garcia and Jenny Carmichael, will make a recommendation to the Board whether a targeted financial review or a full audit is needed in the coming year.

Thanks to everyone who has given their time, treasure, and prayers for FCC. We continue to humbly seek to live Jesus’ teachings and example to love our neighbor as ourself.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan Close, Moderator