I hope you have had a chance to read the series of letters, heard the pastoral moments in worship and seen the announcements in the daily emails regarding the changes in our pastoral leadership. These changes have been “earth shaking” for our church family.

In recognition of our financial challenges and changes in pastoral leadership, the FCC Board organized three “listening sessions” to hear the “hopes and prayers” and “fears and concerns” from the congregation. In addition, we heard many questions that were on the hearts and minds of the congregation. A total of 141 people attended the sessions. The sadness, fears, hopes and prayers of our church are reflected in the
comments made during the sessions.

Your church board is creating a transition group that will hire an Intentional Interim Pastor. In addition, this group will organize forums to keep the congregation informed and involved in the interim process. To date over 20 people have volunteered to be part of this group. We will announce the structure and membership of the transition group as soon as possible.

Important upcoming events in December and January:

  • Pastor Jessica’s service of release during worship was held December 11. This was the last opportunity to say thank you and good-bye to Pastor Jessica and Deshna as she separates from FCC.
  • Pastor Jonathan will have a service of release during worship and a celebratory reception following worship in Fellowship Hall on January 8, 2023. This will be the last opportunity to say thank you and good-bye to Pastor Jonathan and Lisa before he separates from FCC.
  • On January 9, we will welcome Rev. Nancy Ellett Allison to serve as our Pastor for the next six weeks.

Please keep our pastors, their families, our staff, board members and all of the FCC family in your prayers. May the Holy Spirit be within and around you this Advent season.

Dan Close, Church Moderator