Hello Gardeners!

The next Garden Party day is  Saturday, August 7, 8 – 11 a.m to enjoy the cooler temperatures. 

We’ll be repeating the July exercise of Pulling Up Our Socks, doing that important work of weeding and tidying. The place looked so great when we finished last time, didn’t it? And gosh, things keep growing and now it needs it again. 

Bring your favorite weeding tools (some smart folks pack something to sit or kneel on), gloves, water, and sun protection.

And check this out—if you have an electric kettle to bring for the morning, it could add to the effort to clean up weedy gravel edgings along the breezeway. Boiling water thoroughly kills those weeds out, but working with only one hotpot at a time is pretty slow. If we could get more of an assembly line of several going, wouldn’t that be swell!

As far as COVID protocols go, come prepared to sign in, practice physical distancing, and have a mask available (masks are again required at all times when on church property). 

See you Saturday!

P.S. If you would like to receive email notifications about Garden Day, but you don’t get them, please let the church office know and we’ll get you added to the garden ministry email list.