Photo of class in Wheeler room

One of our active and dynamic church committees is our Adult Education Committee. Adult Education is a vital part of our church’s ministry, providing Christian learning experiences for all adult members of the congregation. Committee members dedicate time to careful planning, researching, facilitating and presenting topics that are current and informative to our church body and interested members of the community. The committee searches for the expertise of members of our congregation and the community at large, looking for those persons with the most current and informative knowledge and insight on Biblical and social issues.

In the past couple of years, the Adult Education Committee has coordinated Biblically based discussions on Sunday mornings. The committee has also facilitated Sacred Conversations on Gun Violence, Racism, Immigration, Climate Change, Christian and Islamic Beliefs, Criminal Justice and Income Inequality on Wednesday nights.

The committee seeks to provide a safe space for all participants to speak their truths and hear those of others. Discussions and information presented are sometimes uncomfortable, but always respectful; they allow us to challenge our current thoughts and perspectives, and always look to align those with our Christian faith and practices.

Committee members: Kimberley Parzuchowshi, Don Gall, Martha Moultry, Kathy White, Kay Kelly, Bill Rozar, Martin Jones and Stan Paine