Recycling at FCC

We commit to actively cherish and protect the good Earth that God has provided as our home.

– Our Mission Statement

As you may know there have been some major changes in the types of plastic that can be recycled in the comingle recycling bins that are provided by the local garbage haulers (Sanipac, Lane Apex, etc.). There are no changes in the recycling of glass, cardboard, metal cans, and paper with the exception that shredded paper is no longer accepted.

With respect to plastic, the only items currently accepted for recycling are milk jugs and beverage bottles (clear). The main reason for the change is that China is no longer accepting plastic recycling from the U.S. due to food contamination.

All recycled items placed in your comingle bins should be clean with no food or liquid residue.

In the downstairs recycling center at FCC we are accepting the following items which cannot be placed in the comingle bins. These items are taken to the places indicated:

  • Styrofoam – St. Vincent de Paul
  • Lids from metal containers – Glenwood Transfer Station
  • Small electronics – NextStep
  • Lithium batteries – Glenwood Transfer Station (Please note: alkaline batteries can be thrown in the trash)

In addition, there is a shelf to place items that can be reused by others (e.g., cardboard or Styrofoam containers, plastic bins, etc.).

In light of the changes in plastic recycling we all should be more aware of what we are buying, how it is packaged, and how we can reduce our “plastic footprint.” The health of our God-given earth depends on it!

Finally, if you would like to be part of the Earth Stewardship team at FCC, please contact Mary Mowday at (541) 485-6509.