by Brenda Kame’enui

When you’re ready to put the furniture back where it belongs and dismantle Christmas décor at home, consider these recycling opportunities…

Christmas trees

Boy Scouts: tree pick up and recycling (remove all tinsel and ornaments) Your local yard debris collector for tree chipping: Put the tree in the yard bin, which is for anything that grows above the ground. Examples include, plants, grass clippings, leaves, small branches (no larger than 4 inches in diameter), garden fruits and vegetables, bushes and flowers. Do NOT put dirt, rocks, pet waste, plastic bags or poison oak in yard debris cart.

Rexius takes trees at 150 Highway 99, or Lane Forest Products on Prairie Road or Franklin Blvd.

MLP wreath ring

If you purchased your wreath from the FCC fundraiser for MLP, please remove wire and greens and bring the wreath ring back to church for MLP to use again.

Fabric, ribbon, ornaments, holiday wrapping

Fabric, ribbon, ornaments, holiday wrapping and more will be used or sold at MECCA, which recently moved a few blocks away at 555 High Street.


Do NOT put Styrofoam in recycling bin or garbage bin, where it breaks into pieces and flies away in the pickup process. The tiny particles are a significant hazard in waterways. Save Styrofoam packing from electronics and other holiday gifts for the January 8 and January 15 FCC Styrofoam collection events. Recycle Styrofoam at St. Vincent de Paul on Seneca Ave. anytime.

General recycling questions: