The quilt and fabric sale to benefit the Good Samaritan fund brought in $600 to meet needs that regularly cross the church office desk, from assistance with utilities or rent, to a gift card for groceries. Six quilts created by the FCC quilters decades ago recycled love for happy buyers this June. A large array of fabrics went to people who enjoy sewing and to two groups that help children in distress with a quilt of their own.

These groups, delighted to receive our leftover fabric, would be grateful to receive yours as well. Bags of Love (contact Lori Wollenweber) and Campbell Senior Center; plus, St. Vincent de Paul and Goodwill sell lengths of fabric in their stores. SVdP recycles only cotton or polyester jersey found in t-shirts. Goodwill does not recycle any fiber. Sanipac’s add-on program, RecyclePlus @ $5 per month, does recycle fiber.

It was joy during the sale to remember fifteen women who exemplified the best of community and creativity as they filled rooms with love and laughter. Said to be powered by Kirkland Cashews, they always had a tub of the salty nuts on hand.

The women made quilts of every stripe and color and hand quilted them on a large wooden frame – for themselves, friends, and FCC members. Of the illustrious fifteen, three remain in our congregation today. We thank Jane Brown, Kathy Wurtz and Peggy Flinn for offering their love then and now, long after the last quilt was stitched and the quilt frame dismantled.

Many remember fondly the others who have moved on: Betty Allison, Billie Lasley,, Connie McIndoo, Ellen Calder, Dortha Nelson (mother of Mary Mowday), Grace Rodiger, Jan Murphy, Juanita Morris, June Bonsall, Mary Bohls, Mildred Bonkowski, Roberta Smith. We thank these women for recycling love and laughter in our halls.

By Brenda Johnson Kame’enui