The newly formed FCC Green Team met this month to set in motion a plan of action that will focus our church on becoming a Creation Justice Church and on helping address the climate crisis facing our earth. Look for news on an upcoming plastic drive – yes, start saving those plastic tubs that cannot be recycled curbside. Look for regular articles in the Shalom and in the weekly email about things that we can all do to slow the warming of our planet.

Why should First Congregational Church address environmental issues?

•Holy Scripture calls us to care for creation. In Genesis the first job that God gives to humans is to care for God’s creation (Genesis 2:15). It is our covenant with God and essential in our partnership with the Divine.

•It is a matter of economic and social justice. We are called to care for one another. The most vulnerable are the most affected by climate change because it affects weather patterns, rising sea levels, access to food and water and so much more.

•If we and others don’t act now, we won’t have a home as we know it. Addressing climate change is essential for future generations.

•Everyone needs to be involved in addressing climate change, not just corporations. As individuals and as a congregation, we can have an impact.

It is powerful to consider what climate change might feel like to a youth. This short article, written by a teen, captures the fear and the need for action perfectly. can_we_be_hopeful_and_courageous_in_the_face_of_climate_change

If you are interested in joining the work of the Social Justice and Witness Committee, please email