Are you challenged to hear in the Sanctuary or the Wheeler Room or the Chapel? Whether you wear hearing aids or hope the microphones work (and are used by the speakers), it can be challenging for many to hear.

We want everyone to hear when they come to worship or to an education class. The church has an FM audio system that works in the Sanctuary, the Wheeler Room and the Chapel. In the Narthex every Sunday there are FM devices on the table for your use. Try one out. They are charged, wiped clean and ready to use. If you are going to a class in the Wheeler Room, take a device and try it in that room. There are two types. One is an over the ear head piece for those who do not wear hearing aids but want more sound. The others are for those who wear a hearing aid. After church, remove the devise from your ear and leave it back on the table.

We encourage you to try an FM device out a few times. And, we want your feedback. How can we help you more? Have you figured out ways to accommodate your hearing loss in the Sanctuary that may help others? The sharing is really important for everyone to learn and be supportive for all to have the best hearing possible.

Early in the New Year, we hope to have some training – tips and experiences – for those who want to participate. And, we will also schedule some training for ushers. Share your feedback with Mary Brooner or Georgia Quick.