Hello FCC Friends!

This note is to thank those who have extended hospitality to me (and my spouse) in their homes already and those who have offered. And this note is to inquire about housing for July and beyond. As many of you know, since we live in Colorado, during my ministry here I’m looking for low cost and no cost housing in partnership with church members and friends and their friends in several ways:

  • By house sitting when people are gone for two weeks or more
  • By utilizing someone’s mother-in-law dwelling (ADU)
  • By utilizing a relatively separated and private bedroom and bath in a large house

I have needs for housing covered through June and I am focused now on July and beyond, even ahead to 2024, for stays of two weeks or more. Please contact me at 303-882-9631 or jts@fcceugene.org if you or friends of yours have a need for a house sitter or an ability to host.

Pastor JT