February’s curriculum was guided by the curriculum from Sunday Circle. We affirmed in Kids Community: “I am a child of love. I reflect a rainbow of forgiveness.” The Biblical reference was: God is love (1 John 2:8). We had a love offering during our Children’s Moments and it sounded like: Divine love through me, blesses and multiplies, all that I am, all that I have, all that I give, and all that I receive.

In the classroom, we listened and wondered on the story On the Day You Were Born, by Debra Fraiser. We talked about how the earth is a loving place where we enjoy Divine Love. Another popular lesson was prompted by a story written by Patricia Polacco, Thunder Cake. It seemed to help the kids process their leftover feelings from the ice storm and introduce the narrative of courage and comfort (biblical reference, Isaiah 11:6). In March, we are transitioning to our affirmation of: I am a child of love. I reflect a rainbow of courage. The song that we’ve been singing is God’s Got the Whole World in God’s Hands, so look out for a children’s song coming this month!

It has been wonderful having some of our young adult kiddos joining us in the classroom on Sundays! The kids could really benefit from teacher helpers who understand what the world is like nowadays and it encourages mentorship. The tweens are always welcome in this space as they develop their understanding of their place in this beautiful world.

Thank you so much to the volunteers that are holding this space. To the volunteers that have spent hours organizing and preparing the room space- thank you! To the teachers in the classroom- thank you!

If you would like to be added to the Kids Community email group, please reach out. This is a fun way to know what is happening with the community outside of the daily email.

We are still looking for a chair of the Family Ministries Committee. No previous experience is necessary. This is a seasoned committee with depths of knowledge. It would be a really fun committee to chair!

Time to bring in your donations of things to put in the Easter Eggs for the Easter egg hunt! These donations do not HAVE to be candy, either, it just has to be able to fit in a typical egg. Get creative!

Jesse Peterson