Kids Community is the space in which we build relationships with each other and explore our faith through stories, art, and play. 

Each Sunday we start in worship with the rest of our church family. Part way through the service, children will be led to the Kids Community for their own spiritual time. All children, kindergarten through 5th grade are invited to participate.

This fall we begin our year in the Season of Creation, exploring God’s beautiful creation and our role as stewards of this creation.

Do you want to help facilitate this exciting ministry? Kids Community leaders are needed! Kid Community leaders volunteer for one Sunday per month. Gretchen plans lessons so no outside prep is required. Instead, Kids Community leaders are encouraged to dive into activities and engage fully with the children in the exploration of our faith. Interested? Contact Gretchen at

Changes Coming in Kids Community

It is with great joy that I share with you the new development in my life. After 9 years of serving as Director of Children and Family Ministries, I have taken on a Title 1 Teacher position with the 4J School District and am teaching reading and math at Awbrey Park Elementary School. Having started this position in November, I am enjoying the opportunity to stretch my wings and grow professionally in a new setting.

That said, I dearly love this church, our children and our families, and desire to help our church maintain children’s ministries in this time of transition. So, starting this month, I will be working in a much reduced role, coordinating Kids Community and assisting with youth group.

In the past the church employed me at 20 hours per week, and now I will be working approximately 15 hours per month. In this new model it is my vision that I directly lead Kids Community 1-2 times per month and foster the development of lay leadership for the remainder of the Sundays each month by planning and preparing materials for lessons that volunteers will lead. Additionally, on Communion Sunday (the 1st Sunday of the month) we will not offer Kids Community, but instead encourage families to bring their children to the sanctuary to worship together. On the first Sunday of the month there will also be childcare available during worship for children up through 5th grade.

I thank you for all your support over the last 9 years and thank you for your continued support of Children and Family Ministries in the months to come. I ask that you prayerfully consider how you can support Kids Community. Would you be willing to assist Gretchen with leading lessons? On Sundays when Gretchen is not working, would you be willing to work with a partner to lead lessons that Gretchen plans and prepares for you? I firmly believe that our church family holds all that we need to support our children and families. I am excited and eager to see what wonderful things develop in this program under your fantastic lay leadership and I look forward to more time with all of you in the pews as a parishioner.

Gretchen Jewett