Dear all,

One of the most important aspects of my work as a Director of Music Ministries is to choose music that supports the message of the day. Having AllComers Sundays on third Sundays often makes it difficult to find music that both fits the message and that’s simple enough to learn in 45 minutes. For instance, for the third Sunday in November, there were no simple anthems that could support the theme on indigenous wisdom, but we had a great fit in a difficult a cappella piece with a text attributed to Chief Seattle. Based on the feedback I’ve received, that piece was very impactful to hear on that Sunday. But, to keep All-Comers on third Sundays would have required us to sing an anthem unrelated.

This has been the continual challenge for me since we reinstated All-Comers Choir after the pandemic. At the same time, it remains important to offer low-barrier opportunities to sing in a choir at FCC, so we will hold these two polarities together by offering All-Comers Sundays wherever there is a good anthem for it, but for now, not necessarily on third Sundays. Sometimes this new model will offer more opportunities for All-Comers, as is the case now, with the first three Sundays of Advent being All-Comers Sundays. Not having All Comers Sundays each Third Sunday will require a little more planning and attention on everyone’s part, but I am hoping with enough notice and advertising, we will still get a good turnout for these Sundays. The first Sunday in Advent was well-attended, so we will continue to see how this works in the New Year. I’m looking forward to two more All-Comers this month on December 3 and December 10. I hope to see you there!

Whether it’s singing in a Sunday All Comers Choir or Festival Choir, or playing with Bell Choir or offering a special solo or ensemble, there are plentiful opportunities to participate in Music Ministries this season. Advent is surely one of the best times to be involved in Music Ministries at FCC. So shoot me an email if you have any thoughts or questions and if you would like to join in any particular offering this season.

Happy Advent!
Jared Fischer, Director of Music Ministries