There is a palpable buzz of excitement as we return from summer adventures and anticipate a new program year at FCC. Whether it’s the Bell Choir, Chancel Choir, playing an instrument, or leading a song, there are opportunities for every skill level and style. Shoot me an email at and let me know what you’re interested in!

If you’re considering joining the Chancel Choir, here are some important dates in September:

  • September 6, 7 p.m. ~ Wednesday night Chancel Choir rehearsals begin!
  • September 13, 8:30 p.m. ~ Agate Alley Bistro for Chancel Choir gathering after rehearsal
  • September 17 ~ All-Comers Choir with rehearsal at 9 a.m.

I’m excited to work on our contemporary music this year. People continue to offer feedback that contemporary styles of music are important to their spiritual experience during worship at FCC. My goal is to increasingly build contemporary music into our services until it’s the norm to have one or two songs during each service that represent a contemporary style. I’m grateful we purchased a high-quality drum set for the sanctuary this year, in a beautiful cherry burst. There is no bigger barrier to volunteer drummers than having to lug in and set up their own sets; this new instrument will pave the way for us to develop our own talent and bring new in. Even on Sundays we don’t use the drum set, having it on the chancel shows visitors that we’re invested in contemporary music in addition to our traditional music. If you have thoughts on the drums, or other contemporary music matters as we work to develop a more regularly blended worship, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

For some time now, David Hazen has been generously recording and broadcasting our services. David and I joined forces early this year to
explore installing a new audio and video system in the sanctuary. After meeting with the Facilities Committee, the Finance Committee, the Church Board, and a number of A/V contractors this spring, I spent a good deal of time over summer designing a sound system with a local A/V contractor. In July the board passed an Audio/Visual Task Force Proposal, birthing an A/V task force headed up by Steve Carmichael. The task force hopes to present the board with a comprehensive quote for the system and make a recommendation for next steps.

This is an exciting project that will improve the worship experience each week by 1) enabling the congregation and those on the chancel to hear with clarity, 2) making the sound more consistent throughout the sanctuary, 3) improving the experience for our volunteer musicians, and 4) allowing those watching online to see and hear the service clearly. If you’re interested in supporting this project financially, please reach out to Pastor JT at If you’d like to assist in other ways, contact Steve Carmichael at, or me at

Our last program year, which ended in June, gave all of us at FCC something substantial to build on, and that means we have so much to look forward to this season! Music Ministries will have a table at the Mission/ Ministry Fair on September 10, so come on by and get plugged in.

Looking forward with gratitude,

Jared Fischer, Director of Music Ministries