We are a group of youth who share a common desire and commitment to explore with one another some of the great and imponderable questions in our lives.  Our goal is not the certitude that may come with finding answers to such questions, but the insight and personal growth that accompanies and is often a by-product of such a search.  To that end we agree to rely on each other to help peel away the layers of denials and protections we have amassed over the course of our lives in search of truth and understanding and a deepening sense of spiritual wholeness and health.  We are willing to rely on one another to help destroy idols and embrace realities that casual conversation, social events, and even worshipful moments may fail to do.  We seek a new experience of diving deep and surfacing without restraints and within an environment of understanding and mutual support.  We are committed to building this fellowship of the few for the potential good of many.