Let love flow.

Joshua Mumbi used to spend much of his time collecting water.

When it rained, he would collect water running in the streets. Often he would spend much of the day walking to a local water source and carrying back buckets. Sometimes he would even travel to the water source with his family the night before, spending the night there so that they could bring back water in the morning. His mother, Josephine, did not like to make the journey alone — it was not safe.

There was not much time to go to school. And when he did go to school, Joshua Mumbi was very tired during the day. It was hard to focus; it was hard to learn.

But thanks to your gifts through One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS), Joshua Mumbi and his family — and all of the other families in his village — have a safe, clean water source close to home. With a new solar-powered borehole well, they have water for cooking, water for drinking, water for bathing and keeping things clean and sanitary. Because you let love flow, water brought new life to a whole community. Now children like Joshua Mumbi and his siblings can go to school every day, and a whole world of opportunity is open to them. Now the whole community is empowered to provide for their needs, plan for their future, and pursue new opportunities for growth.

So that more communities can experience this new life, please give generously, and let love flow. Giving opportunity will be provided on Palm Sunday, March 28, or you can mail a check to the church payable to FCC (please indicate OGHS in the memo line).