The FCC Tasajera Committee thank you for continuing to support the scholarship students on the island of Tasajera, El Salvador; what a wonderful success this mission has been and continues to be. In a recent conversation with Leslie Schuld, Executive Director of CIS (Center for Exchange and Solidarity, our partner organization in El Salvador), she shares that with our support, dreams have become a reality; families and the community have been transformed. Leslie also mentioned in her email (see below) that the continued support of all of you, our church congregants, have made a difference.

Dear Friends at FCC and the Global Mission Committee,

Thank you and congratulations for your support for the families on the island to get out of poverty through education and leadership development. As you know, prior to this program, it was only a dream to go to the mainland to go to high school, much less university. Now we have the first teacher and lawyer from the island, and many youth on their way to becoming professionals who care about their community and their country. Solidarity from the people of the U.S. is so important, especially after our government spent billions of our tax dollars to finance a war for 13 years. If that money were invested in programs like these, we would not have poverty or migration from the island. You are offering an alternative to migration and joining the gangs – often the only options for the impoverished youth to survive.

God Bless and Happy New Year!!! Thank you for making a difference.

Leslie Schuld, CIS

Leslie also mentioned that the CIS model is a three legged stool – without one of the legs (partners) it doesn’t work. 1) the Tasajera community has to agree to organize and do their part; 2) CIS does training, makes connections, develops and administers the programs; 3) FCC builds a solidarity relationship and raises funds. It is a wonderful mission where we all learn and grow together to build a better world.

Tasajera Committee: Brent Arnold, Chair; Beth Pfeiffer; Paula Stout; Joanie Flaherty