After a delayed start in the fall and then a proloooooonged winter break due to COVID, eighth grade OWL has been continuing to meet outside in the front breezeway every week since January 28. We just received news from the board we will be able to start meeting inside masked and distanced. Though it has been great to be able to meet safely outside and our three patio heaters have served us well, it will be nice to move indoors.

We have covered topics including Values, Anatomy and Physiology, Gender Roles, Expression and Stereotypes, and Sexual Orientation. Coming up we have topics like Healthy Relationships, Lovemaking, Contraception and Sexual Decision Making.

We have a fantastic group of warm-hearted, curious and opinionated youth being gently led by three equally fantastic volunteer facilitators (Louis Nosce, Jill Betterton and Lisa Livelybrooks, as well as staff person, Jennie Sherlock).