I write with a very full heart for the gift of Sabbatical time away from the rigors of ministry this past summer. During the Central Pacific Conference Annual Gathering at our church the last weekend of September, our Conference Minister, the Rev. Tyler Connoley, correctly named the third year of pandemic ministry as the hardest of all. I certainly found this to be true.

And so, I am very grateful to our talented staff, our hard-working church leadership, and all of you for the gift of Sabbatical time and for the incredibly life and faith expanding trips of a lifetime that were made possible by that gift. Thank you! I am also very grateful that our ministry continued to regain momentum through the efforts of all of you and through the capable and faithful guidance of Pastor Nancy.

Returning home in September, I was immediately struck by the vitality and strength of this ministry. Your dedication and care have provided a very strong foundation from which to build and for this blessing I am also grateful. God bless, Pastor Jonathan