The Search Committee thanks all in the Congregation who responded to the survey questions included in the daily all church emails at the end of April. The feedback was thoughtful and helpful, and influenced the final version of our Local Church Profile (LCP). The LCP highlights the strengths and challenges of our church and ministry and outlines the desired gifts and strengths of the candidates hoping to apply for our position of Associate Pastor. Our revised LCP has been submitted to the UCC Central Pacific Conference for review. After review, the conference will post our LCP on the UCC national ministry opportunity website. We expect to begin receiving applications sometime in July.

The position will be a “Designated Term” for three years with the possibility of renewal. Thanks also are in order for the guidance and direction provided by the 25-member Discernment Committee and the FCC Board, which, like the Search Committee, are a diverse representation of the Congregation. The Search Committee drew heavily from the work started by the Discernment Committee in 2019. It was heartening to know that 88% of survey respondents felt that the bullet points in the survey fit the needs of our church at this time, and the majority of the remaining survey respondents offered modifications but were embracing of the whole. Certain trends emerged in the survey and were noted by the committee.

There were also some specific questions and concerns. For example, the word “charismatic” was troubling to some and was removed from the final document because of potential negative connotations with the word, especially in church settings. Also, we clarified that the new Pastor will provide support rather than “leadership” to the Justice and Witness Committee. Finally, although a deep and abiding faith was a resumed gift of all candidates, we made the Profile more spiritually specific. The new Associate Pastor’s duties will be broad in scope and will share many of these duties with Pastor Jonathan and the program staff.

Next Steps

Soon our 39-page Local Church Profile (LCP) will be posted for applicants both on the UCC national website and on our FCC website. The LCP, developed by the Search Committee over the last 6 months, is a detailed description of who we are as a church, who we wish to become, the qualities we are looking for in an Associate Pastor, job benefits and compensation, as well as a description and metrics of the surrounding community.

The Search Committee will have a “mock” interview with a UCC pastor in our Conference to refine the process and interviewing skills. In the coming weeks, the committee will screen applicant profiles, conduct Zoom interviews, perform reference checks, review submitted or given sermons, and invite finalists for an in-person interview. A final offer will be made to the preferred candidate upon approval by Pastor Jonathan and the Church Board, and then, if the candidate accepts the terms of the contract we offer, the Congregation will be able to meet the candidate during our “Candidating Weekend” and then vote whether or not to “call” the candidate as our new Associate Minister.

In the coming weeks, we will keep you abreast of our search process as we begin to interview candidates. It is an exciting time in the search process and we look forward to meeting the candidates and discerning together who might be called to join us in our wonderful ministry!

Please keep the church in your prayers as we continue to serve in God’s name on your behalf.

FCC Pastoral Search Committee: James Chang, Todd Chapman, Marjorie Enseki, Tony Foy, Martin Jones, Molly Maguire, Julie VoelkerMorris, Martha Moultry, Polly Shannon (chair) and Jonathan (ex officio)