The Search Committee is a group of ten who have diverse backgrounds and perspectives, much like First Congregational Church as a whole. Together they have developed a high degree of trust, and over the last two months have thoughtfully, diligently, and prayerfully considered the following questions:

  1. Who is God calling us to become as a Church?
    In 2019, FCC recognized the need to begin a process of discerning who God is calling us to become as a church as we try to adapt to a society that now views the Christian church as increasingly irrelevant. Through the work of the Discernment Team, and then the Search Committee and the Board, it has become increasingly clear that we are in a time of transition and quite possibly transformation. Over the past few years the effects of a pandemic, an increased awareness of systemic racism, social and economic inequality, and climate change have shaken society. These societal events and awakenings have necessitated changes in the way we “do church” today. We strongly believe FCC has a message that society and our community needs to hear, but we may need to modify the way it is delivered in order to reach those who are not currently listening. As a result we believe God is calling us to:
    ✦ Consider transforming how we worship, acknowledge and serve others, share resources, live sustainably, and care for our planet.
    ✦ Reach out to our community in new ways to share our progressive faith of inclusion, spiritual exploration, and interpretation of God’s Word.
    ✦ Expand our spiritual connections for all ages and affinity groups.
    ✦ Be our authentic selves as we live out questions of faith and community, even with discomfort, all the while embodying extravagant welcome for all.
  2. What is the term and scope of work we expect the associate pastor to perform?
    The Associate Pastor will serve alongside Pastor Jonathan, our staff, and church leaders by engaging in a broad spectrum of our ministry and life together as a church. We are seeking a Pastor excited about our goals, whose individual passions and interests align with the emphasis areas identified by the Discernment Team and Search Committee. We plan to offer a full-time position with a three year designated term to help us attain our goals as a church. There will be an option to extend the call beyond the designated term if both the congregation and pastor agree.

We expect the Associate Pastor to:
✦ provide a fresh, vital and faithful perspective as we discern our way together;
✦ provide creative leadership in the ongoing work of transforming our worship services and spiritual offerings to meet the changing needs of our congregation and our community;
✦ support our efforts to transform how we acknowledge and serve others – especially members of all racial, ethnic, economic, sexual identity and orientation groups;
✦ provide primary leadership and support to the Social Justice and Witness Committee.

What are the core competencies and qualities a candidate should possess?
We desire a minister who:
✦ Is spirit-led, confident , charismatic and has a keen ability to transfer ideas and visions into actions and results;
✦ is adaptable and flexible, respecting and honoring the many traditions of worship, prayer and education at FCC;
✦ is passionate and deeply concerned about social justice;
✦ has a high level of intercultural awareness and sensitivity;
✦ has the ability to articulate a vision and lead change;
✦ has the ability to build coalitions inside and outside the church.

The Search Committee has put considerable thought and time into discerning a pathway forward, and
seek the congregation’s blessing to post the announcement for the position and to begin the process of considering candidates. As we are on this journey together, the committee provided a survey to the congregation in April for feedback on these listed goals; the responses are currently being reviewed. Stay tuned for our findings!