Thank you, folks from FCC, for sharing your comments on what I have written. Here are some of them:

  1. “Wishcycling”: county_departments/public_works/waste_management/ garbage___recycling
  2. “Why do people want so strongly to participate in recycling, but at the same time seem to have little concern for messing it up for everyone else (or contaminating the very materials they are donating)”
  3. Old photos have various coatings and layers making it not recyclable paper.
  4. “The good thing is, it’s not recycled toilet paper, it’s toilet tissue made from recycled paper :)”
  5. Avoid plastic garbage liners altogether. Use bags you empty for other purposes (e.g., dogfood, 10# flour, birdseed, paper grocery).
  6. For those who can’t or aren’t interested in backyard composting, Sanipac now offers adding any kitchen food scraps to the yard waste. To my surprise, it includes meat and dairy items too. Although this can get messy, we’ve discovered that freezing our scraps until trash day has been a good solution.
  7. When servers leave a stack of napkins on the table I take them home because otherwise they will probably end up in the trash at the restaurant.
  8. I picked up the copy of a book by Jennie Romer called “Can I Recycle This?” from the church library. It’s a great resource and I wish we had more copies at church. I learned a lot of new things about recycling, which I’ve been doing for decades.

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