I have mentioned MECCA in my writings here before. This week, I loaded the back of my car with two rolls of about 100 yards of fabric that had been donated to me by Monaco Coach and Sporthill when I was teaching sewing classes, along with about 1000 zippers, plastic notions, eyelets, and webbing from Sporthill donations to me at North Eugene. They came back to me when the old building was being closed.

MECCA, across from 5th Street Market, is The Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts. Their Mission is to “divert materials from the waste stream and bring them into our community’s creative endeavors.” And their Vision is to “break down the financial barriers to arts and creativity through low-cost materials, events, and supplies.” It has a section full of supplies that are available FREE to teachers, community organizations, clubs, service groups, home schools, churches, non-profits, and social justice organizations.

While I was there, I read an announcement of a birthday party with an arts and crafts theme, a Monster Art show, a Family Art Craft event, and information about booking an Art Party. You can get a MECCA punch card; 10 punches is worth $10 off. I saw tubs of mosaic pieces and glass pieces divided by color. There was fabric and sewing supplies, jewelry, paints and brushes, and so much more. I encourage you to check it out. Learn more about MECCA: click HERE.

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