As Eugene faces a future ballot to ban natural gas and other fossil fuels in new residential construction, some of us on the green team watched a Creation Justice Webinar on Leaky Stoves and Deadly Gases, now available on YouTube (click here to view webinar) for any to watch. That prompted my husband and I to go out and buy an electric stove to replace our 30 year old gas one. However, we already were doing most of our cooking in the counter top Ninja Foodi Dual Heat Air Fryer Oven we bought a year ago. And here is what another green team member wrote to me.

“We live in a housing development in which so many appliances and utilities run on natural gas, including our stovetop. We’ve considered replacing it with an induction cooking stovetop. However, when researching induction units I came across portable induction cooking surfaces. We purchased a reasonably priced Duxtop (Induction Desktop Expert model) with a footprint of 11.5″ X 14″, fitting nicely next to our gas stovetop. We had to buy a couple of cooking pans suitable for induction cooking, but these days there are many suitable cooking options, including good old-fashioned cast iron.

We’ve never looked back, using this as our primary surface cooker for most stove-top cooking. It heats quickly and has very fine control. Induction is more efficient than electric coils or natural gas, and diminishes the toxic leakage of natural gas. We’d like to get natural gas out of our energy equation entirely, but this represents a start.”

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