“Nothing we use for just a few minutes should pollute the environment for hundreds of years,” Environment Oregon site director Celeste Meiffren-Swango (RG 4.28.23)

“Recycling in general is a complete waste of time. Oregonians have better things to do than sort trash in different bins. Perhaps if we got rid of recycle bins altogether we would reduce littering.” Senator Art Robinson, R-Cave Junction (RG 4.30.23)

“Any of the food we don’t sell by 7 p.m., we have to throw out.” The man running the register at Dari-Mart, talking about the fried chicken and assorted foods in the warming case next to him.

“One household can cut 800 pounds of carbon pollution every year by washing four out of five loads of their laundry in cold water,” Nat Geo reports.

“I create around my house an environment that encourages the three Bs, birds, bees and butterflies by planting flowers and plants, providing water and not spraying poisons,” Gabriele from Albany suggests,

“Compost your food! It adds organic matter to soil, helping it retain moisture and adding nutrients that help plants grow.” Anna from Medford.

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