Master Recyclers promotes a Waste Wise Holiday to consider waste-free options for gift giving and celebrating. Here are some of the Favorite Waste-Free Things to Give and Receive.

  • The gift of an experience — like membership to the Eugene Science Center or tickets to the Shedd or the Hult Center
  • Handed Down — the father who re-gave his first violin. The jewelry you will pass down when you are gone.
  • Hand Made — make place mats, coasters, hot packs filled with grains, perhaps from fabric from the second-hand stores. Purses made from neck ties, lap blankets made from old cashmere sweaters, bags made from used t-shirts, bags crocheted from plastic bags. Home made jam, pickles, apple butter.
  • Hand in Hand — My parents purchased airline tickets so we could visit our siblings all together at their homes for the holidays.
  • A Hand Up — A gift certificate for the Assistance League Thrift Shop. A donation to a charity in their name.
  • These Two Hands — A gift certificate for window washing, wood splitting, yard work or other help around the house. Make it a personalized coupon book for things like a massage, being cooked a favorite meal, trip to the movies, washing/waxing the car.
  • Second Hand — Opposite of white elephant gift…give away something of yours that you like (but can part with). Like a good book, favorite t-shirt, DVD, etc. Put together craft kits for kids filled with tools from reuse stores like MECCA. Buy locally at thrift stores.
  • On the Other Hand —A Recycle Truck from Elephant’s Trunk or Eugene Toy and Hobby made with 100% recycled milk jugs.

Do you have Personal Green Choices to share with all of us? I will collect them for future segments. Contact: Marilyn Flick.