by Marilyn Flick

An update: Did any of you share a recipe in the Waste Wise Lane County “Simplify the Holidays Leftovers Recipe Contest” mentioned in my December 22 writing? Well the results are in. The winning recipe could be very familiar to you. I shared it in my second Personal Green Choices article on February 3 last year and again in my August 25 writing. I labeled it with the name I knew from an old church cookbook Joan Rivers Friday Night Soup. The winning recipe was Never The Same Soup. Exactly the last line I wrote the first time I shared the recipe.

Sharing other news, the December 4 issue of Time magazine includes “the most influential leaders driving business climate action—in their own words.” Many refer to personal green choices.

“Travelers hold significant power in their hands—their choices can make a positive contribution and generate the systemic change that the travel and tourism sector requires.” “Aviation is today responsible for 2% to 3% of global CO2 emissions. With air travel expected to double in the next 15 years . . . sustainable aviation fuel is one key lever to reduce aviation-related emissions.”

“We need to get creative with alternatives. The equivalent of a truck full of clothing goes to landfill or incinerators every second. This is a huge opportunity for any company willing to be brave and bold enough to tackle it.” A British fashion designer has spent recent years developing new sustainable fabrics such as Econyl, a 100% recycled and recyclable nylon and luxury leather substitutes made from plants. 

“Next , we’re going to make all of the vinyl records for our next album from recycled waste plastic bottles” says Coldplay.

“We must track carbon like we track sugar intake. If every purchase decision we made came with a label, like we have for sugar on food products, we could all make informed choices.”

“More and more, people are using their purchasing power as a force for good and choose sustainable brands where they can.”

Do you have Personal Green Choices to share with all of us? I will collect them for future segments. Contact: Marilyn Flick.