From the Love of FCC Quilters to the Good Samaritan Fund

The FCC quilters, a fun, fine arts circle of women from Dortha Nelson and a dozen companions who have passed on, to current FCC members Jane Brown, Peggy Flinn, and Kathy Wurtz, stitched away in a comfortable church room for over three decades. The quilters met weekly to sew for family or friends or occasionally build a quilt on commission. They enjoyed tea and cookies and the best of convivial companionship.

A quilting group no longer meets at FCC, and it’s time to vacate the cupboards that house supplies and warm memories the quilters collected over the years. In honor of this venerable group of women, we will sell quilts, batting, fabric, scissors, needles and thread, and other notions before the Congregational Meeting on June 9. Proceeds of the sale will be dedicated to the Good Samaritan Fund, the reserve FCC uses to help those who cross our doors with a variety of emergency needs.

In the last 12 months, the fund has paid out $6,500:

  • ten $50 gift cards to Fred Meyer (gas, food, diapers, sundries)
  • ten winter utility bill supports totaling $2,500
  • rental assistance totaling $2,000+
  • emergency overnights $600
  • contributions to keep storage units paid
  • contributions for car repairs
  • Boys & Girls Club tuition for a family
  • bill for cell phone used for work

Whether you are a quilter, a sewer, or a crafter, or you want to buy a handmade quilt for a friend, stop by the table in the atrium after church on June 9. Bring cash, check, or IOU to support the Good Samaritan Fund to help others stitch together their lives.

Article written by Brenda Johnson Kame’enui