LEVO (Lift Every Voice Oregon), an interfaith group that seeks to reduce gun violence, continues its push to collect signatures to get a gun safety measure on the November ballot. Originally, the goal was to collect signatures for two initiatives, one to ban assault weapons and one to ban large capacity magazines and tighten criminal background checks. The decision was made to focus on only the second measure to increase the probability of getting it on the ballot.

Over 200 signatures were collected by members of First Congregational Church to place ballot initiative #17 on the November ballot. If you missed it and are concerned about gun violence, you can go online to Lift Every Voice Oregon, print out a signature sheet and send it in. There are also signature sheets in the hallway at the church.

Upcoming LEVO training

Concerned about gun violence and want to do something? Now is the time.

Lift Every Voice Oregon is working hard to gather enough signatures to place an initiative on the Oregon ballot to ban large capacity gun magazines and tighten criminal background checks before gun purchases. There is just one more month left in this effort. Joe Paterno, one of the campaign organizers, will be in Eugene next Wednesday, June 8 to provide training on how to collect signatures. The training will be held in the library at First Congregational Church, 9:30-10:30 a.m. Please join us.