What is the Search Team up to? ~ June 2024

Now that the Local Church Profile is launched the Search Team goes into our confidential phase. The general process is:

A pastor reads our Local Church Profile and if interested in applying, they send their Candidate Profile to Rev. Tyler Connoley at the Central Pacific Conference office. Rev. Connoley and their staff review the Candidate Profile to be sure all the elements are complete and that the pastor is in good standing with their conference. Rev. Connoley then forwards the Candidate Profile to the FCC Search Team.

Once we receive a Candidate Profile we then screen it as a group to see if we are interested in a first interview. We are really looking to see if the candidate is a No at this phase. If they are a Yes or a Maybe, we go ahead with the first interview to find out more. The first interview is an initial meeting on Zoom where we ask all candidates the same questions. This interview lasts approximately 60 minutes. In this interview, we are trying to see if there is an initial match of skills and abilities and to discern if we want to pursue this candidate further.

After the first interview, the process becomes deeper and more individualized with each candidate depending on their skills and interests. We will watch their worship services (almost all are online now) and review their web presence. We will look at any items they have published and how they are involved in their community. If this research, combined with the first interview, makes us want to talk further, then we will offer a second interview.

This second interview will also likely be on Zoom. It will likely be a longer interview and the questions will be personalized to gain insight into deeper questions we have for this specific candidate. There may be other additional follow up documents or conversations shared back and forth between the candidate and the Search Team.

Once we are down to a few finalists, then we will likely invite them to an in-person meeting. This will give the Search Team a chance to interact in-person with the candidate and for the candidate to learn more about us and the area.

All of the above meetings are completely confidential. We will likely have many candidates in different phases of the search at the same time. Unlike other positions that have a closing application date, pastoral searches use an open until filled system. During this process not only is the Search Team trying to discern if a candidate is the right person for the job, and the candidate is also discerning whether this is a good fit for them. This is where the Holy Spirit is very actively working to help us all determine a good match.

Once the Search Team has selected our final candidate, we will present that candidate to the FCC Church Board and review our process with them. The Finalist Candidate will then be invited to Eugene for a Candidating Visit, which will be several days long. This will be the opportunity for the pastor candidate and the congregation to get to meet each other and interact in several small and larger groups. The visit will culminate in the pastor candidate preaching and leading a Sunday worship with a Congregational Meeting following to vote on whether to call this candidate as our new Settled Pastor.

Church Profile posted for Lead Pastor ~ May 2024

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who provided comments, edits, and feedback on the profile for the Lead Pastor position. Your input has been invaluable as we move forward in this important search process.

The search team is pivoting to prepare to screen applications. We will carefully review each candidate’s qualifications, experience, and alignment with our church’s vision and values, using the feedback and information you have given to the Search Team and Transition Team, through surveys, Healing and Calling Conversations, and other processes. Your fingerprints are visible in every element of this process.

As we enter the silent phase of this search, we recognize that confidentiality is crucial. We will not be able to share any information outside of the Search Team during this time. We ask for your prayers for the Spirit’s guidance, wisdom, and love as we seek a pastor to walk alongside us on our faith journey. Pray that God will bless this search and continue to grow our congregation in love for the Spirit and for one another. Through us, may the Spirit bless all those we encounter. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Update on the Search Committee for the Settled Pastor – April 2024

Your Search Team has been hard at work since the end of January working on the Local Church Profile. This document contains information about our church that we will provide to each pastoral candidate. It is a huge undertaking as the Profile contains 63 questions to answer and 48 data points to provide from a variety of sources; it is expected to consist of 45 to 50 pages, plus appendices. The Profile will have several reviews, including a review opportunity by the congregation, and then be approved by the board. Once it is further approved by Central Pacific Conference Rev. Tyler Connoley, we will be able to post the position. The document is currently in draft form, expected to be finalized by the end of April.

The board, staff, Transition Team, ad hoc Pastor’s Group, and a few others are doing a review right now. We are planning to release the entire document to the congregation mid-April with an opportunity for written feedback, plus an in-person meeting to discuss the Profile after church on Sunday, April 21.

While there will be many opportunities and methods to communicate with potential candidates, the Local Church Profile is an important part of both the recruitment process and an excellent internal exercise for our church.

Thank you, thank you to all that have and will contribute to the creation and review of the document. The Holy Spirit is moving among us and we are capturing it in this work.

The 9 Search Committee members are Marsha Miller, Chris Cunningham, Averyn Payne, Cathy Paine, Evert Slijper, Peter Cadigan, Gretchen Jewett, Barb Aalund (vice-chair), and Tracy Lampman (chair).