Creating Sacred Space together to slow down, breathe, belong, and connect more deeply

Do you long to connect more deeply with yourself, God/Spirit/Source, and one another? Would you like to engage in open hearted conversations in search of meaning and connection? Do you long to delve deeper with people on topics that matter and leave superficial chatter behind? If yes, join our new Seekers Group!

Fridays from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. beginning September 15, for ten weeks to November 17. Facilitated by Robin Detmer and Dana Clark.
Topics for discussion will include:

  • What are we Longing for? (personally and for the world)
  • How do we experience God? Sharing our experiences of God moments, miracles, Divine in the everyday.
  • What daily practices help bring us closer to Spiritual connection?
  • What gets in the way of our connection to God/Spirit/Light/Source?
  • What is the triangle of disempowerment? How can we step out of it and into the place where everyone is empowered?
  • How do we hold our relationship with Mother Earth? How might we embrace a stronger relationship with Her?
  • How might we look at Death as our greatest teacher and find peace there?
  • Love over Fear: rejecting the cultural teachings of fear, scarcity, power-over and embracing the antidotes love, abundance, power-with Practicing internal stillness so that we might be grounded in grace and presence amidst the chaotic world
  • What has shifted? What are we growing/co-creating with our attention, intention, and mindful presence?

We will meet in person in the Barber Room, starting each gathering with a few mindful breaths and scan of our bodies; a quick personal check in with a few words or sentences in response to a simple prompt; and sharing a short reading or presentation of the day’s theme, followed by breaking into two smaller groups or occasionally pairs for deeper sharing. Ample time will be saved for this sharing time. Everyone will have a chance to share but no one is required to. Finally, we will come back together as a whole group to briefly share or answer a simple closing prompt. We will close each time with some kind of prayer, meditation, music or movement to integrate what we focused on and connect back to our center. There will be a 20 person limit; please call the church office or sign up via SignUp Genius to indicate your interest. We build community when each person commits to attending as many sessions as possible, and do understand you may not be able to make every single week. If you have any questions, please email Robin email We hope you will join us!

What is a Seekers Group?

“Seekers’ long to share a common desire and commitment to explore with one another some of the great and imponderable questions in our lives. The goal is not the certitude that may come with finding answers to such questions, but the insight and personal growth that accompanies and is often a by-product of such a search by one’s heart, mind, and spirit. To that end, we will agree to rely on each other to help peel away the layers of denials and protections we have amassed over the course of our lives in search of truth and understanding and a deepening sense of spiritual wholeness and health. We will trust and rely on one another to help destroy idols and embrace realities that casual conversation, social events, and even worshipful moments may fail to do. We will seek a new experience of diving deep and surfacing without restraints and within an environment of understanding and mutual support. We will commit to building a fellowship of trust and respect so that the spirit of our loving Creator may be recognized within our midst.” written by Don Gal, an original FCC Seeker.