Lift Every Voice Oregon is a coalition of faith-based groups that have organized to reduce gun violence in Oregon. They have filed two state-wide initiative petitions for Oregon’s November 2022 ballot to reduce gun violence in Oregon. Many signatures are needed by July 1 to place the two measures on the ballot. 

The first initiative petition, IP17, seeks to ban large capacity magazines and enhance gun safety training requirements and the second initiative petition, IP18, seeks to ban the sale of assault weapons in Oregon. 

The FCC church board voted to endorse the campaign to reduce gun violence. Gun violence can affect anyone, but particularly impacts low income communities in our state and around the country. There have been 18 mass shootings in Oregon in the past 7 years. There was a mass shooting at the WOW Hall this year in Eugene. In the first six weeks of 2022 in Oregon, 30 people were shot with a gun. 

How can you get involved? Volunteer to help with LEVO’s efforts to collect signatures to place these measures on the ballot by emailing Look for church members with signature sheets starting this spring. Get some brief training and feel empowered to talk to your friends and neighbors about gun violence. And to ask them to sign the petition!