Thank you to the 80 members of the congregation who completed the online survey about creating a mural on the outside of the church. 16% opposed the idea, 36% could live with the idea but had concerns, 21% liked the idea and 20% were enthusiastic. The majority of the concerns related to how the mural would look, would it be professional, would it become dated, etc. The volunteers who are exploring the concept of the mural will meet on July 8 at 4 p.m. to review all the comments.

The FCC food pantry on the Harris Street side of our church is being used and always in need of more supplies. You are invited to support the pantry by dropping off food items. Please avoid any food that can easily spoil or already opened packages that will spill. And a special thank you to the volunteers who check it twice each week to make sure it is clean and welcoming. This is one small way we can support those who are hungry in our community.

In the cold, dark months of December, First Congregational church decided to host three unhoused families in pallet shelters in our parking lot. Since February, we have hosted families in these 10 x 10 foot shelters and members of the church have helped them feel settled and welcome. Now with the hot summer sun beating down on the shelters, it has become too hot. A parking lot with shade trees has been found that will provide a more comfortable location. The pallet shelters were moved the last week of June. A special thank you to Layne Brown, FCC Facilities Manager, and Pastor Jonathan for the uncounted hours of extra work and problem solving that they devoted to making our guests safe and our neighbors happy.

The Social Justice and Witness Committee voted to support the Interfaith Food Hub with monthly donations of $200. The Food Hub creates 2,400 boxed lunches each month, six days a week, for those who are unhoused and others in need.

Finally, First Congregational Church is planning to have a booth at the Eugene-Springfield Pride Festival on August 14. We will be looking for volunteers to make baked goods and help at the booth in coming weeks.