“Green Line” is dedicated this month to the children in our midst who hope for a green future. Surveys reveal that as young people recognize human activity increases the risk of extreme weather, they worry over their future. “Eco-anxiety” is growing among children in a rapidly changing climate.

While we’re glad to build concerned citizens, it’s our responsibility to also help children build resilience and hope in the face of change. We’re meeting the challenge of adult life at FCC in many mighty ways. Let’s do the same for the young families we need and want in our mix.

Mark Lindberg and middle school and high school youth are reaping rewards of hanging on during the pandemic. Mark keeps the kids coming back with activities and fellowship. Jennie Sherlock and many OWL volunteers keep young OWLs coming back with rich program and delivery.

Gretchen Jewett has shared her talents in building a new model for FCC–Kids Community. With an excellent curriculum as backdrop, Gretchen offers text, connection to real life, acting, and art work to children grades K-5. She keeps God at the center of their 45 minutes together. On February 26, Gretchen hosted eight returning children to Kids Community and two children whose family came to FCC for the first time. We can bet the family would not return if FCC offered no children’s programming.

After nine years as FCC’s half-time director of Children and Family Ministries, Gretchen assumed a public school teaching job in January. She continues to avail herself to our children on Sunday, but it’s our turn to help. Thank you, Gretchen!

FCC can use your talents, big or small, to finish the school year and offer children a token of hope to carry with them. The offering on February 26 was JOY, and the kids had a rousing conversation about what brings them joy. Can you help with or without Gretchen in attendance? She provides a lesson plan to follow as closely as you wish. Bring your guitar, get out the paints in the classroom, walk around the park and note the beauty of God’s creation, gather friends to organize an Easter egg hunt.

We hope to have another Children and Family Ministries director when school begins in fall of 2023. Interested??

Green Line by Brenda Johnson Kame’enui