Sunday, September 25th will be a special time of worship as we welcome churches from the entire conference to our local building. That means worship will include some elements that may be new or different than what we’re used to experiencing. Come worship together with our siblings, practice flexibility, and get your spot early! Pastor Jessica will be speaking, we’ll celebrate communion with our children, and this service will likely be 90 minutes. Friday through Sunday you’ll see over 120 guests from Oregon, southern Idaho and southern Washington for the CPC Annual Gathering. Please help us welcome everyone! This will be our first time gathering as a conference in 3 years

Sign up to Spruce up!

If you have an extra 30-60 minutes this week we need your help sprucing up the building before our guests arrive. Can you sweep, wipe, or dust? Let us know by clicking here to email the office or call the church office.

Help in the Kitchen

We are honored to be hosting the Central Pacific Conference 2022 Annual Gathering and Youth Assembly! We will welcome our siblings from across the conference Friday, Sept. 23 and Saturday, Sept. 24.

One of our hosting tasks includes organizing the meals for the conference; two lunches and two dinners. The meals are catered but we will need volunteers to prepare the food for serving and for table clean-up and dish washing/drying/putting away afterwards. Sign up to help this weekend by clicking the button below or call the church office today. Please consider offering your time and gifting to our guests by volunteering to help with meals.

Thank you for being part of extravagant welcome for The Central Pacific Conference during the2022 Annual Gathering!