May Adult Education at FCC

What is the Holy Spirit? According to the Book of Acts, it was a primary energizing motivator to the apostles who went around “baptizing in the Holy Spirit,” largely by the laying on of hands, and Paul speaks at length in his letters about the Holy Spirit. The first principle we list for what we mean by “Calling Ourselves Progressive Christians” states “we recognize that the Spirit moves in beneficial ways in many faith traditions,” but what the heck is it?

Is the Holy Spirit a real thing? Is it relevant today in our modern, rational, scientific world?

Our hope is that for those who are skeptical of the Holy Spirit, this series might crack the door to some new horizons; for those who have felt touched by the Holy Spirit, we might share some of our experiences and, like the proverbial blind men with the elephant, we might start piecing together a clearer idea of what it is and what it might require of us.

Topics and Facilitators

  • May 5: What is the Holy Spirit? (Jolaine and Sherwood Reese)
  • May 12: The Bible’s Witness to the Spirit (Pastor JT Smiedendorf)
  • May 19: The Pentecost Experience (Averyn Payne)
  • Fourth Session to be announced depending on the Spirit