“And a generosity that never runs dry…”

Psalm 112


It’s something we all do every single day. It can be as small as giving a child a hug, or as large as presenting a loved one with a special gift. It can even be a friendly smile to a stranger. With givers, there are also receivers. Receivers can be people, pets, organizations…

But the receiver is often the same person as the giver. Think about how you feel when you give a gift. When you see someone’s face light up or even a tear of gratitude after giving a gift; they have just given you their gift of joy and deep appreciation. That’s because giving – true, spirit led heartfelt giving – is reciprocal and transformational.

By pledging your financial support for 2023, we can continue to light up the faces of our youth as they tell us stories about how their lives are changed as they volunteer for Sierra Service Project and ongoing local Creation Justice restoration projects. The lives of these vibrant young people have been transformed by your giving to our church.

Your generous gifts also make it possible for our music program to give you the gift of our choir singing beautiful hymns during worship, teaching our youngest angels what it means to make “joyful noise” and listening to the magical bell choir.

Our Social Justice and Witness team works tirelessly to be good stewards of your money while discerning how FCC can best serve our neighbors in need. Feeding hungry mouths, helping to keep the heat on for a struggling family, and advocating for compromised populations is all possible because of your passion for this church. You demonstrate your love in so many ways with your time and money. Thank you.

Consecration Sunday is November 20. Please join us as we celebrate your gifts to FCC and their impact on transforming lives. Then stay for the potluck luncheon following worship. AND, be sure to bring your gift of non-perishable food items for the FFLC Food Drive on Consecration Sunday!

The FCC Stewardship Committee Clark Compton, Liz Gil, Lynne Helesvig, Dean Kokjer, Susie Leo, Jonathan Morgan, Jessica Shine, Jean Stover