Families using the three shelters located on First Congregational Church’s 23rd Avenue parking lot will hopefully arrive soon! These shelters will be specifically used as transitional housing for families who are already enrolled in the Fast Track Rental Housing Program (for information about this statewide program, the link to a factsheet is: https://www.oregon.gov/ohcs/development/Documents/

Resources for the families that utilize the Pallet Shelters at First Congregational Church will be provided by SquareOne Villages; Dan Bryant is the Executive Director. To learn more about SquareOne Villages, you can visit their website at: https://www.squareonevillages.org. SquareOne will be the management provider of day to day resources, including meals, washing stations, a porta-potty, etc. at the FCC parking lot homes.

These three 100 square foot shelters have been temporarily installed to provide shelter for unhoused families during a winter with extremely limited emergency shelter options, including a drastic reduction in capacity at the Egan Warming Centers and Eugene Mission.

The government of Lane County provided the funding for the Pallet Shelters in an effort to ensure temporary winter shelter during the COVID Pandemic. The shelters will not have plumbing but they will provide heat through installed electric heaters. We anticipate families will begin using the shelters later this month and, currently, FCC’s agreement with Lane County is through the end of June 2021.