You know when you pack a suitcase for a trip, let’s say for two weeks. You lay out clothes and the various items you think you will need and also items that you want or like but maybe you won’t actually need… building a budget is sort of like that. The suitcase is the income in the budget and the items to pack are expenses in the budget.

Total church income, the suitcase in this analogy, is typically about 75% pledges with an additional 8% coming from unpledged income. Unpledged income is an unknown when making the budget, or starting the trip. It limits planning and developing new ideas and goals. As you think about donating to the church for the year, it would significantly help church leadership if you could make a commitment to an amount you are comfortable with, and turn in a pledge card.

Look at the table below. You’ve been on this trip before but things change and you find that you have 16% more items to pack than you had last time. And your new suitcase is currently only about 7% larger. You will have to make adjustments.

This is where the Finance Committee currently is at with the development of FCC’s 2024 church budget. Can the suitcase (our income) be adjusted beyond its current size? Probably. The current state of pledged income is:

  1. We have 149 pledges totaling $454,725
  2. There are 42 members who pledged in 2023 but have yet to pledge for 2024
  3. There are 25 new pledges for 2024 totaling $28,240

The Finance Committee is also looking at adjusting the items we are trying to pack, the expenses. We are looking at program expenses, salary adjustments, and benefits. But it would be best if everything fit.

Let’s look toward making 2024 a grand adventure with beautiful sights, glorious sounds, and exciting activities.

Larry Flick, Treasurer and member of FCC Finance Committee