Greetings to all our FCC friends. Given the unusual times, we thought you might appreciate a summary of the financial picture for this past year.

Nationwide, churches have struggled to remain healthy or even to remain in existence. You can be proud of yourselves for helping our church maintain a level financial picture throughout 2021. Yes, there were challenges and those will continue. But with your continued support, we will move forward with a wonderful and abundant Church Home that offers robust worship services, children’s activities, outreach to our community and our own members in need, and so many other areas of Christian Heart.

As for the actual numbers, here is a brief recap:

  • Pledged Income is the cornerstone for any church to be able to budget for the year. We almost reached our budgeted 2021 Pledged Income of$525,000, which is in itself an accomplishment.
  • The Total Income received from all areas was $645,438.
  • Our Total Expenses were $586,882 for the year. There were some large expenses that we budgeted for that did not occur, so we had some breathing room for our cash flow.Please know that when we gather together and offer our time, our talents and our resources, our beloved First Congregational Church will thrive and always be a Beacon of Love and Hope.Blessings,
    Susie Leo, FCC Board Treasurer