As of the end of August, we have collected 72% of pledged income. We are on track to reach our 2023 pledge goal and fill out the budget using only $5,000 from cash reserves – 94% less than budgeted. Church leadership has been budgeting carefully and we are now focusing on 2024 and beyond.

Initially we are watching the following items for 2024:

  • Facilities. Examining the design and costs required to upgrade audio/visual capabilities of the building and lighting in the sanctuary. We are also mindful of other maintenance needs in the coming years, such as upgrades in the kitchen and the roof.
  • Programs. Peace Village and Summer Fun Camp not offered this year can be added back to the budget for next year.
  • People. We have hired Jessie Peterson, the new Children’s Ministry Coordinator. We had a new members class in September and October that had up to 19 attendees!

The 2024 Budget will be larger in order to support the plans described above as well as a full menu of work across our programs. Our goal is for pledged income to support the church’s operating budget. That will likely not happen next year. However, the projected deficit for next year is $44,000, half of what we projected for this year. That is progress. We look forward to new members enriching our programs and adding to the support of our mission.

Sunday service October 15 had a Quarterly Treasurer’s Report with questions/ answers after church.
Larry Flick, Treasurer and member of FCC Finance Committee