Church income is following the same pattern as the last two years. Even the trends for Plate Income and Unpledged Income have similar shapes if not similar dollar amounts. This part of the report will hopefully be repetitious and lead to a successful pledge goal (see table). However, we are still using $34,000 in carry over reserves to balance this year’s budget.

The budget maintains $50,000 of reserves for contingencies. The amount of unallocated reserves sits at $74,000. At the May 20 board meeting $3,400 of reserve use was approved for building new fencing around the Parkside Homes.

The proposed bylaws revision stipulates that one of the responsibilities of the Finance Committee is to “procure and oversee an independent financial review or audit at least every three years and report the results to the Church Board.” The Board has appointed the following individuals to serve on an Audit/Review Task Group: John Soper (chair), Larry Flick (treasurer), Bonnie Garcia, Jenny Carmichael, and Kim Dorr (finance administrator). This ad hoc group has met one time. We are consulting outside experts on the costs associated with a financial audit or an appropriate level of financial review that would provide the information we think would be most valuable.

Larry Flick, Treasurer