The budget may come out balanced this year if all outstanding pledges are received. Some natural variations in the budget seems to have reduced or eliminated the use of the final $5,000 of expected cash reserves.

In 2024, the church will need $575,000 in pledges to create a budget that does not rely on cash reserves.

The following is an update on giving estimates for 2024:

  • We have received 131 Estimate of Giving cards totaling $394,025.
  • Those who pledged for the 2023 budget year have increased their estimate of
    giving for the 2024 budget year by $15,346.
  • We received 20 pledge cards from people who did not pledge in 2023, totaling
  • There are 60 giving units who offered a pledge for the 2023 budget year but have
    not turned in an Estimate of Giving card yet for the 2024 budget year. Their
    pledges last year totaled $127,294.

The Finance Committee continues to look at ways to track the use of non-pledged income as it is applied to the needs of the church. We are working with Facilities to identify and prioritize projects requiring major expenditures. In addition, we are considering creating systematic ways for expenditures to be approved that involve all impacted parties in the decision-making.

Larry Flick, Treasurer and member of FCC Finance Committee